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Information Technology Milestones Archive

Information Technology Milestones Archives


Table of Contents







December General campus database ( available

SOCS hit 350,000 logins for the Fall 2004 semester, recording the highest usage ever for a single semester

November Wireless@TCNJ hotspots installed in Holman & Science Complex (Chemistry)
October EMC SAN installed for future server storage consolidation projectsDepartmental reorganiziation Media and Technology Support Services (MTSS)
September Holman Hall MP Lab closed100,000 Magic calls loggedMcAfee Virus protection CD distributed to students

Internet2 and IT services demos – School of Nursing and School of Engineering

Launched new Admissions web site

Launched newVirtual tour

Launched  a new Integrated School and Academic Information architecture

Launched the Academic Advising Resource site

Launched the Form Genie that allows users to easily create secure, accessible, standards compliant forms

August Student Center Lab renovatedNew Faculty ToursSchool of Business media rooms upgraded

Launched the I-lion on line literacy tutorial

July Scholar Laptop Program
June Wireless@TCNJ project startedNovell 6.5 with LDAPv3 support installedNew Department and Faculty/Staff directory on the web replacing printable directory

Setup Positive Pay Process in Financials for Budget and Finance use – for check amount verification

Complete new computer upgrades

Begin rollout of new email package – Thunderbird

New SOCS features including course calendars, collaborative document management (C-DOCS) and real-time chat


NJEdge Video Portal certification

Email server hardware/software upgraded

Phone service in Metzger parking garage installed

Fifth Annual Instructional Technology Workshop held


April Information Security Awareness Program launchedTCNJ Planning portal launchedHousing Application on the web – students can now enter housing info including   floor preference, special diet needs, medical needs or physical needs and roommate questions


March FY04 computer upgrades beginAverage number of daily logins to SOCS reaches its highest point on record (2,865 average logins per day)

Instructional Technology purchases and installs a new 40″ laminator to go along with 42″ large format printer

Tutoring Center student sign in system implemented

Information Technology annual retreat

Final budget approvals FY2004 student survey completed

Created a Web Alerts system that allows departments to post news on their home pages and schedule news to go up and come down at a pre-determined date
Launched the Sesquicentenial web site


Scholar Laptop Program begins

FY03 Phase II computer upgrade completed

Email committee decides on Thunderbird to replace Netscape Messenger

FY04 infrastructure equipment purchases


SOCS 3.1 released.  New features include redesigned discussion board, dropbox and collaboratory


December Science Complex Media rooms completed
November Help Desk Call Tree implemented
October Multimedia classroom installed in Loser 9 and 19; Armstrong 136New Employee Information System (EIS) implemented for Human Resources and Payroll
September Telecommunications implements block minutes calling plan structure for StudentsEickhoff Hall Sound System installedWireless networking implemented in transfer housing
August Multimedia classroom installed in Forcina 101Successfully pushed Microsoft Blaster and Nachi patches and virus cleaners to faculty/staff desktop computers via Novell loginProcess implemented for new Employee account creation through collaborative efforts of multiple departments

SOCS V3 released with new features including an assessment module, expanded gradebook and co-instructor abilities

July First production Linux server installed at TCNJ for Math Dept.
June Complete Phase 1 of Summer upgrade by installing 350 new computersFirst SAN array installed and configured
May New Account Management System (AMS) implementedSun LDAP server goes into productionFourth Annual Instructional Technology Workshop held
March FY-AY03 Budgets developed, received, submittedWindows 2000/Office XP upgrades complete
January Email (RAV) antivirus software upgrade with new anti-SPAM supportChemistry move to Science Complex complete


December New College Home Page, Admissions, Development and Alumni web sitesCampus network re-subnet process completedSelection of Storage Area Network (SAN) Array for Peoplesoft and others systems
November NJEdge T1 extranet connection installedSOCS reports 100,000 logins since the beginning of the Fall 2002 semesterSelection of a new student information system

Selection of Campus Portal

Instructional Technology presentation of SOCS at Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services (SIGUCCS)

October Initiated the Information Technology Resource Committee to improve communication related to administrative computing
September Six media equipped rooms added to Science ComplexTelecommunications bills sent via emailNew webmail system installed
August Science Complex network brought on-lineTelecommunications authorization code lookup available via the web
July New Equipment Distribution Center online request systemDevelopment and Alumni “Campus Call” system implementedAutomated imaging for lab computers available

15 Mbps fractional – T3 Internet connection installed

June Summer Upgrade – Windows 2000 and Office XP
May All classes go “live” inside SOCS
April Email (RAV) antivirus scanning software installedCampus wide e-mail policy created
March Meeting maker upgraded to Version 7.02FAM ImplementationStudent images imported from Card Access system to SOCS giving faculty ability to view student rosters with pictures of each student
January New version of Novell client (3.31) pushed to faculty and staff desktops automaticallySOCS (Simple On-Line Courseware System) adopted as TCNJ’s solution to course management package
Misc Finance:ReportsTCNJ GASB reports

Rollup reports

PO Detail web report

GL summary report


Web interface for housing applications

Post language and math test scores

Provide access to class lists,grade reports, registration data for Deans, Associate Deans and Chairpersons

Allow withdrawal & placement hold to be posted on hold screens as comment

Created online screens to permit view capability for non-R&R personnel

Modify unofficial transcript program to allow students with holds to view grades

Modify course selection on web to check for seat-availability in classes posted as “closed”


Modify vacation & sick leave benefits to change benefits to a calendar year basis for all personnel

Modify all ABP extracts to create files for web transmission, eliminating tape files


December New switch installed
November Course Summary Reports
October Upgrade Touchnet Voice IVRUser Support Services assumes responsibility for TLTR (Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable) and takes the lead in planning yearly Instructional Technology Workshop held in MayIntegrate Telecommunications Department with Information Technology
September Process changed for returning students. Returning students have immediate connectionsSOCS (Simple on-line courseware system) in beta testingCourseware evaluation committee formed
August Required Novell login project completed and implemented in computer labs. Students must now log in with their Novell id prior to using lab machinesImplement Novell Imaging processes for lab machines. Eliminates need for student workers to perform extensive troubleshooting for software problemsEmail Server Upgrade
July network upgrades completed
May Twenty six multimedia classrooms added to new Social Sciences Building bringing the total to 86Installed new Touchnet Payment Network Upgrades begin
March Begin required Novell login project
February First retreat for newly formed IT department management
January Enterprise Applications, Networking and Technology and User Support Services merge to form Information Technology. All divisions report to newly named Associate Vice President of Information Technology
Multimedia Classsrooms added to Music (1) and Armstrong (2) bringing total to 60
Mainframe Disaster Recovery Testing and Documentation


December One multimedia classroom added to Holman Hall bringing total to 57QWS3270 servers (400 LU’s) created and moved into production
November User Support Services reorganizes to streamline support processCreation of Departmental Applications Development TeamSAP Installation
October Peoplesoft Financials Server Install
September Implement Magic on the web for students to allow students to directly log trouble tickets into Magic without IT staff interventionSeven multimedia classrooms added to Bliss Hall bringing total to 56Core Network Switch Upgrade

Internet Bandwidth Upgrade (replaced 2 T1 from Verio with 3 from MCI/Worldcom)

August Media Specialist for User Support Services hired to assume primary responsibility for design, implementation and support of forty-nine Multimedia Classrooms
July Upgraded Sourcebank/VM (Applications source library)
May Fifteen Multimedia Classrooms added to new Biology building bringing total multimedia classrooms to 49
April New Library systemInternet Bandwidth Upgrade (added 2 T1 from Sprint)
March Multimedia Classrooms added to Music (1) and Armstrong (2) bringing total multimedia classrooms to 34
February Assume responsibility for satellite recording and events, campus cable (20 & 23), teleconferencing, video tape duplication, video recording, and video training workshops
January Complete Year 2000 initiative
Month N/A Implement PeopleSoft Financials
Financial Reports on the Web
Implement Payment Gateway
Enhancements to Web for Faculty (ARTIE) – send email to class lists, force pin number change, course descriptions, grading by proxy, apply and remove holds, non faculty members view student data
Foreign language placement testing on the web
SIS data extracts for A.T. & T
Student & Adjunct automated update to payroll
TCNJ Magazine label creation
Web for Student (TESS) enhancements – force pin number change
Upgrade pages to be Tserve 3.0 compliant
Embark (Regulus) data load to Admissions
Data loaded from tapes received
Hope Scholarship programs
Created 3 programs to extract data from SIS – forwarded to TCRS.
Grad/Advantage programs.
Loading of graduate application data
Regional Training Center course data load to Grad Studies
Post courses taken at the RTC and payments to SIS
T2 Parking data extract – Used for conversion to new vehicle system
On-line check history process on HRS.


October Installed and tested all new Y2K compliant software. Perform major Y2K test for all campus software to ensure continuing processing in the new millennium
September Installed new Touchnet TSERVE box along with TCP/IP under VSE/ESA, upgraded
3172 controller. TSERVE connection to the MF via 3172 using TCP/IP
August Multimedia Classrooms added to Holman (3), Green 14 (1), Bliss (1) bringing total to 31
June Fourteen Multimedia Classrooms added in new Business Building. Total Multimedia Classrooms now 26
May Technical Manager for User Support Services assumes primary responsibility for design, implementation and support of twelve Multimedia ClassroomsNetwork Server Backup SystemName change from Multimedia Center to Instructional Technology Services
February Import inventory database from Access into Support Magic to eliminate duplicate data entry effort
Month n/a Conversion of all administrative systems to be Y2K compliant.
Upgrade to SCT’s HRS 4.1 – implement HRS Benefit Enhancement.
Implement Web for Faculty (ARTIE) to give faculty access to teaching assignment schedules class lists registration, curriculum and academic information about their own students. Adjuncts can view class lists and teaching assignment schedules – not student information. Can enter grades
Provide automated system to purge student schedules
Implement Touch-Net’s Voice System.
Upgrade TSERVE to 3.0 & 3.1.
SGA web page – students can vote online to select SGA officers.
Schedule 25 – extracting and loading SIS course information.


September SAL ImplementedComputer Accounts Auto-created for All Students
August Complete installation of network equipment (cable and switches) to support one port-per-pillow in residence halls (including dualing out of all jacks in Residential Halls)
July Upgrade VM/ESA to 2.2.0 and VSE/ESA to 2.3.0
June Installed new automated electronic on-line catalog library systemBegin Year 2000 initiative
May Specify, order, configure and begin install network equipment (cable and switches) to support one port-per-pillow in residence halls (including dualing out of all jacks in Residential Halls)User Support Services assumes responsibility for media center
January Implement Support Magic problem management system for tracking IT service calls