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Calling Card Issuance

Calling Card Issuance Procedure

Calling Card Contract Administration

Calling cards are issued to employees upon approved request when the employee’s responsibilities necessitate frequent travel off-campus.

The Office of Telecommunications currently contracts with AT&T as our long-distance service provider. Through this contract we obtain calling cards for individual use.

Telecommunications acts as the contract administrator for all TCNJ phone service contracts. All requests for service initiation, modification, and cancellation are routed through this office. This provides the vendor and their TCNJ customers with a single point of administrative, billing, and support contact.

A consolidated bill is sent to Telecommunications. Call detail for individual accounts on the bill will be forwarded to the named individual responsible for the calling card, if detail is present.

All charges incurred on the calling card account will be forwarded by Telecommunications to Budget and Finance, to be charged against the PeopleSoft chartfields provided with the initial request.

Departments may require employees to reimburse The College for personal calls made on the calling card. Charges for personal calls must be paid to the Office of Telecommunications, who will then handle the reimbursement to the department.

Telecommunications will provide, on a yearly basis, a list of all calling card account holders to the Cabinet for review.

Initial Requests

Requests for calling card service will consist of the following information. This information must be provided for each calling card requested.

  • Name of the responsible individual or area if not for a specific individual – This is the name that will appear on the bill to differentiate this account.
  • Justification from the requestor/responsible individual – The justification/request must be approved by the cabinet member in charge of the area placing the request.
  • PeopleSoft chartfields for billing – This information will be used to handle the reallocation of charges to a department’s account.

Cancellation of Service

Telecommunications will handle cancellation on behalf of the requesting department. Documentation authorizing the cancellation is required before we will cancel the service.

In the event that an employee leaves the College, the calling card must be returned to the responsible department or the Office of Telecommunications. A list of calling cards held by a departing employee will be furnished to Human Resources upon request so that Human Resources may handle collection if necessary.

The calling card must be surrendered to Telecommunications at the time of cancellation.

Loss, Theft, and Un-authorized use

It is the responsibility of the requesting individual, or if a department, their designee, to securely maintain the calling card.

Use good security practices when dialing the card access numbers. Shield the phone keypad from view as the numbers are dialed. Do not leave the card in an unsecured location. Do not share the card number with others.

In the event that the calling card is lost, stolen, or misused, the responsible individual must notify Telecommunications as soon as possible.

Initial notification may be made verbally.

A formal written notification is required, indicating that the card was lost, stolen or used without authorization, and should include the approximate time that the loss or misuse was noticed.

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