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Labor Rates for On-site Support – After Hours

The purpose of this policy is to identify the procedure for charging labor rates for IT staff services. There are several events throughout the year at which IT is asked to provide on-site technical support for the duration of the event. If the requestor is not part of a department/area that is funded through TCNJ Operating Budgets, labor rates will be applied for the time a technical representative is present.

The current labor rate for on-site technical support is $30/hour.

Full time staff

If the event occurs outside of the employee’s regular work schedule, the labor charges for the event will be paid directly to the employee by the requestor.

If the event has been approved for support during regular operating hours, the labor charges will be added to the equipment rental charges.

Student staff

If a student technical representative staffs the event, the hourly rate will be paid directly to the student by the requestor, unless the work assignment occurs during the student’s 15-hour work schedule.

Please be reminded, technical staff will be assigned to these types of events based upon availability and technical specialty.