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Enterprise Operations & Databases


Enterprise Operations and Databases supports all databases (Oracle, SQL, Access) used by both large and small scale applications that support the day-to-day administrative work of the college as well as all Student, Human Resources, Financial, Housing and Alumni ERP applications.

We also are the Computer Operations Hub for all Scantron form scanning.

What We Do

  • We are responsible for The College’s information systems back end Operations and Databases.
  • We administer the integrated enterprise systems databases that support the business of The College.
  • We install and maintenance Databases systems and customize packaged software.
  • We support applications that are strategic for the reporting process for the campus community.
  • We securely scan internal Scantron forms as well as Student Testing forms.

Our Mission

We make every effort to make the database systems that we support secure and robust. We aggressively maintain and monitor our databases to prevent potential issues.
We always strive to address any functional user requests in a timely manner and will consistently work with all stakeholders to preserve the quality and integrity of all     our environments as we continuously  support the campus community in a positive manner.