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Information Technology

Information Technology at The College of New Jersey is comprised of four separate but highly integrated operating units: Enterprise Applications, Network and Technical Services, User Support Services, and an administrative layer called IT Administration.  While each of these units is charged with handling a separate aspect of Information Technology at The College of New Jersey, Information Technology uses the method of integrated planning described below:

  • The director of each operating unit creates a white paper that outlines the strategic plans and goals for the upcoming year. These white papers are compiled, along with supporting documentation, into one overall IT white paper. This white paper is then reviewed by each of the directors and the Chief Information Officer for accuracy and completeness.
  • The white paper is then presented to Cabinet to solicit input regarding projects that have a major budgetary impact and/or have a major impact on the college’s strategic initiatives and technology infrastructure. This input will assist in further clarification of the scope of the items in the strategic plan and the impact on The College community as a whole.
  • Taking into account the feedback from Cabinet, the IT directors will develop a detailed project plan for the upcoming year (for more information, see the Appendix of the planning documents below). This detailed project plan is reviewed by the directors and Chief Infomation Officer, and widely distributed within IT, as well as to any department that is included as a resource or impacted by these plans.

The allocation of the IT budget for the upcoming academic year is guided by this process, which allows for input from the various operating units and the leadership of The College.