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Installation of Additonal Phone/Data/CATV Lines

Request Procedure for Installation of Additional Phone/Data/CATV Lines

Communications Technologies is responsible for coordinating the installation of additional voice, data or CATV lines and outlets. The following describes the request procedure for the installation of these additional services.

Any service installation has an associated materials cost for cable, fixtures, parts and labor. Depending on the quantity of installations requested, the requests outstanding, and the available stock, a charge may be associated with an installation request.

The TCNJ Facilities department handles the actual installation of cabling and fixtures. Communications Technologies coordinates with this office for installations. Communications Technologies completes the installation with the data outlet components. Response time for a request depends on the availability of resources in both areas.

Some requests may necessitate use of a third-party contractor for cabling and jack installation. This may be due to job size or to scheduling factors with Facilities. In this case the contractor charge will be assessed against the requesting department.

“Projects” requiring cabling installation should be reviewed with Communications Technologies to insure that sufficient funds are available to cover the installation costs.

If a request can not be met because sufficient spare connections are not available on the building network equipment, or if a request requires additional building network equipment, that equipment must be purchased before the request can be completed. In general, individual (small) requests may be postponed until the next budget cycle if funds can not be reallocated for network equipment purchase. Large projects will budget for additional networking equipment as determined by Communications Technology’s review of requirements.

Installation of Additional Data Line(s) and/or Phone Lines(s)

Requests from departments must be submitted to the User Support Services (USS) coordinator responsible for that area. A potential starting point for the request is the Help Desk, which can forward the request to the appropriate individual.

User Support Services is responsible for verifying the request. A coordinator will review the location of the requested installation to verify that no other data service is reasonably reachable from that location. This review process helps to insure that additional service is indeed required and existing services will not meet the current need.

If the request is warranted, the USS coordinator will mark, in a conspicuous fashion, the proposed location for the new installation. Typically a sheet of paper with a note, taped to the wall above the location is sufficient.

The USS coordinator will note the results of their survey in the MAGIC call, and will also note the location of the new installation within the work area. They will then forward the MAGIC call to Communications Technologies.

Communications Technologies will review the request and generate a work order for Facilities to install cabling and fixtures. If timing or resources dictate that a charge or an external contractor is necessary, this will be brought to the attention of the coordinator and further arrangements will be made between the groups involved.

When the installation is complete, Communications Technologies will note in the MAGIC call and return the call to the USS Coordinator for follow-up.

Note for Additional Phone Lines

Communications Technologies will coordinate and complete the installation of the physical phone line and fixtures as required. However, a request must be received by Telecommunications to have service activated for that line.

The request for phone service activation will be separate from the request for jack installation. Phone service is billable monthly and must be requested specifically by the department the service will be billed to.

Installation of Additional Cable TV (CATV) Line(s)

CATV service is billed monthly from the service provider to the College, at a per-port rate. Therefore a request for CATV outlet installation must be accompanied by a justification from the academic department Chair or the administrative department Director.

Requests for additional CATV lines in departmental areas will be handled by Communications Technologies. The request should be submitted through the Help Desk so that a MAGIC call can be generated.

Communications Technologies will survey the requested location to validate the request.

If the request is validated, Communications Technologies will coordinate and complete the installation in a manner similar to that for Data/Phone lines.